Downloading Magazines with VIRL and Zinio

Setting up the Zinio app on a tablet/phone

One great way to read your free VIRL Zinio magazines is on a tablet. Doing that does require the Zinio app, because you will run into error messages if you try to open the magazines directly in your browser.

You will need your device to be connected to the internet to follow these instructions.

This part of the guide will use screenshots from an Android device but the same principle applies if you have an iPad.

  1. Open the App Store/Play Store on your device.

  2. In the App Store/Play Store search for the Zinio app.

    If you come up with a list of possible apps, you want the one that says Zinio: 5000+ Digital Magazines.

  3. Install the Zinio app. (If it asks, you do need to Accept the App permissions request.)

  4. Open the Zinio app.

  5. Tap Settings (which may be hidden behind a 3 dot icon)

  6. Tap Sign In.

  7. Enter the Email and Password you used previously in this guide.

    • Before you leave the app settings, you may want to tap Set application homescreen.

      If you change the setting there from Shop to Library when you open the app it will show you the things you wish to read instead of what Zinio is trying to sell you.

  8. Tap the Zinio icon to return to the main screen.

  9. Tap the Library icon (it looks like an open magazine) to find the magazines you have added to your Reading List.

  10. Your app has been set up and should be showing you your Reading List of magazines you've selected from the VIRL site.

  11. You can now start reading your magazines on your tablet by tapping on the cover image. Congratulations!

If you want to see how downloading a magazine to your tablet works when it isn't your first time doing it, check out our Read a Magazine on a Tablet/Phone guide.

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